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Posting a threat to social media could be a felony under new Florida bill

A new Florida bill could make posting a threat to social media a felony. Currently, sending someone a threat in a direct message is a 2nd degree felony but just posting it on social media sites likely won’t get you in trouble. However, a new bill would consider the posts just as threatening as a direct message. “Making a threat is different than using crude language or just letting off steam and that is what the law is trying to punish is making true threats,” said Attorney Jeff Haut. Again you can't yell fire in a movie theatre, trauma expert, Dr Laura Streyffeler said, "The change in the law is needed, the only way to stop it is if their are consequences for inappropriate behavior."⠀ The post could get you 15 years behind bars. “The schools have pushed out a campaign that makes sure kids are aware of how serious this is,” said Phil Mullins with the Cape Coral Police Department. Some worry about the ramifications of the bill, as it could be a long time in jail for blowing off steam.

Despite pandemic straining relationships, Florida divorce rates decline

Florida divorce rates decline 2020 Florida divorce rates down despite tension in relationships being up. After dating the man she calls "the one,” the love of her life, on and off for 25 years, Kristin Miller called it quits for good seven months ago. She says the COVID-19 pandemic pushed her over the edge. “We had issues prior to this happening, and then (deep breath) when you spend so much time together, you know it was coming up more and more,” she said. Prior to 2020, Miller traveled for work. She says working from home last year forced her to see things in her relationship she often overlooked while on the road. “It was a lot of stuff, but the communication was the biggest thing. He was totally unaccountable for anything,” she said. Miller says being the breadwinner of the two during a time when finding a job was challenging brought their relationship to a dark place. “He was an angry person. It had nothing to do, I don’t believe with me. It had to do with his own self-esteem, and how he felt as a man,” she said. Then, it got to the point where she says it just wasn’t fixable. “It started to really eat up at me, and I felt - I felt really bad, everyday,” she said. Dr. Laura Streyffeler, a licensed mental health counselor says the pandemic has had polar opposite effects on relationships. “For some it’s made them closer, for others it’s pulled them further apart,” she said. When you hear from Miller, you probably wouldn't expect to learn that the number of people who got divorced in the sunshine state dropped in 2020. A report by Bloomberg Wealth shows Florida divorces declined by 28 percent up until September of 2020. According to the Florida Department of Health, Collier County’s divorce rate shrunk by half. Hendry County had a slight decline. Charlotte, Lee and Glades counties saw a slight jump by less than 1 percent. Streyffeler says issues that brought couples to a breaking point were already there…but the pandemic magnified them. “We talk about 2020 being perfect vision. 2020 really changed the vision of the way a lot of people see things,” she said.

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