Expert Witness

Dr. Laura provides forensic and victim related expert witness testimony in both criminal and civil court cases. She has provided trial consulting services to the State Attorney's offices and private law practices throughout Florida.

She has testified and consulted in battery and murder cases on the issue of domestic violence, Battered Spouse Syndrome, and sexual violence. Dr. Laura has provided forensic services in civil court cases on behalf of numerous victims of domestic violence who are or have been victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

In addition to being a Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress and a Diplomat of the National Center of Crisis Management, in Collaboration with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, Dr. Laura is a certified expert in both domestic violence and forensic counseling by the National Association of Forensic Counselors. Find her listed as an expert witness in domestic violence, sexual violence, and trauma in the National Center for Crisis Management in Collaboration with the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress at:

Using her clinical knowledge, research based facts and her years of experience Dr. Laura works to discern between those who are truly victims and those who are claiming to be victims in order to "game" the court process. Sadly, all too often non-victims use domestic violence allegations, when going through a divorce (or other legal matter), in order to manipulate the court (i.e. attorneys, mental health professionals/ parenting evaluators, judicial outcome).

Dr. Laura's philosophy: Being an expert witness in domestic violence means being a witness for truth.


In addition to providing expert witness testimony, Dr. Laura provides expert clinical consultation services to the legal community in the areas of domestic and family violence, sexual abuse, sexual assault or rape and the effects of current and/or past traumas.

Dr. Laura also provides consultation services to other mental health professionals. Expert consultation in the areas of domestic and sexual violence, safety planning and assessing lethality, dealing with law enforcement, local human services agencies and universities as well as to many members of the the legal community.

She also provides services to professionals needing expert mental health consultation, or individuals struggling with personal court related issues (i.e. divorce and child custody). If you are looking for ethical consultation to assist you in understanding, navigating and surviving the legal system call Dr. Laura for an initial free consultation.


Dr. Laura provides professional trainings to the clinical, legal, medical and academic communities as well as a number of other additional human services agencies and business professionals.

Here are a some examples of the types of training she has provided over the past few years:

  • Ethics and Boundaries: The “Duals” and Don’ts of Clinical Relationships for clinical professionals
  • Trauma Truths, Myths and Manifestations: For clinical professionals
  • To Protect, Serve, and Beyond: For law enforcement professionals who work with victims of crime, their families and loved ones as well as other members of the community
  • Parenting and Domestic Violence: When the marriage ends, but the parenting goes on
  • High Conflict versus Highly Controlling Divorces: The differences and significances between the two
  • Battered Spouse Syndrome is a Legal Defense, Not a Diagnosis: Knowing when a victim meets the criteria and when he or she does not
  • Assessing Safety Planning and Lethality for Domestic Violence: What helping professionals need to know
  • Domestic Violence and Trauma: How Licensed Mental Health Professionals Assess, Diagnose and Treat Victims of Domestic Violence (based on Streyffeler research study)
  • Substance Abuse, Trauma and Relapse: Making and breaking the connections between them

Each presentation is customized to the needs and make up of the audience attending.

Clinical Supervision

If you are looking for clinical supervision, Dr. Laura is a State of Florida approved clinical supervisor for mental health counselors and interns.
She is available to provide clinical supervision to both master level mental health counseling students and interns as well as registered mental health counseling interns who have graduated with a master’s degree and are seeking supervision for licensure.
Dr. Laura has supervised numerous mental health counseling interns from Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), Capella University and Hodges University.
If you are looking for clinical supervision for your internship or mental health counseling license feel free to call 239-822-1699 and talk about the clinical fit, availability and cost.