Transgender is known as gender dysphoria or gender non-conforming.  A person who struggles with gender dyphoria does not have a sexual fetish where they derive any sexual pleasure or excitement from the opposite sex.

A person who is transgender often experiences stress/anxiety due to feelings such as his or her biological body “does not match” his or her true gender orientation. In other words, “the outside doesn’t match the inside”. Therapy with those struggling with issues and emotions related to being transgender can be very complicated and take additional training and experience.

Many past transgender clients who have come into therapy with Dr. Laura have had the following questions or concerns:

  • Am I transgender [“trans”] or am I gay?
  • What, when and/or how do I tell…….my husband/wife, children, parents, friends, employer, coworkers, etc….?
  • What if my husband or wife divorces me?
  • Will I lose my kids?
  • How do I handle the dirty looks, stares, bullying when I “come out”?
  • When (or how) should I begin HRT (hormone replacement therapy)?

If you are struggling with gender dysphoria  or any of the questions above, or have additional questions, Dr. Laura can help.

I understand and meet the criteria for the Harry Benjamin Foundation’s standards of care for the treatment of gender identity disorders.