Couples / Marriage Counseling


As time goes on, changes and challenges occur  in all relationships. Often times, when these changes and challenges arise,  couples struggle with being able to communicate in a loving and healthy way.

Conflict occurs when two (or more) people don’t agree with  each other.  All couples experience conflicts. Conflict is a normal and  healthy part of  relationships. It becomes unhealthy when the couple is no longer  able to communicate or resolve the conflict in a healthy way….or  when the conflict  escalates into  verbal or physical violence.

In a healthy relationship, each partner wants to solve the  conflict … not “win” an argument.Long term unresolved conflict is often the catalyst to thoughts of ending a marriage or relationship.

Couples counseling can often be helpful by teaching couples to  communicate in healthy and more effective ways as well as  to help them learn healthy conflict resolution skills. Couples counseling can also be helpful to couples dealing with post extra marital affair and trust related issues, perception of choice of  pornography/internet over partner, parenting children after divorce , differences in parenting syles (especially when combined with step-parenting issues) as well as a number  of other intimate partner related issues. 

When one partner is caught cheating, struggling with addiction or just doesn’t always tell the truth, then trust in the relationship is broken.  Love by itself,  is often not enough for couples communicate in a healthy way. They must also have  mutual respect, trust and a willingness to listen, take responsibly and tell the truth.

If you are struggling with communication and/or trust in your relationship, I can help.